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Restaurant and Bar

We are looking for passionate people to join our experienced teams. We are looking for energetic, focused people to create fantastic products and deliver exceptional service and who have a passion for guests and are great with people.

We place food and beverages at the very heart of all our coaching inns. Our all-day menus feature seasonal and locally sourced produce, signature regional dishes, popular sharers and an exciting hot and cold drinks offering,

Each of our coaching inns boasts unique, exciting and varied menus, with choices to suit every taste, from classic dishes to seasonal mains and daily specials, you\'ll always find something to temp your taste buds.

From ales to cocktails and everything in between, our Bars are stocked with a wonderful range or premium spirits, local ales and international wines. Our lovely team love what they do and can help you match your taste to your next favourite drink.

If cocktails are your thing, our cocktail menus have some new and exciting tastes, but our team can make you all the classics too. More of a Gin and Tonic drinker? We\'ve got you covered too with our house Tanqueray gin, and premium upgrades like Hendricks and Tanq 10.

Our Coffee Houses offer relaxing and warm lounges to enjoy a cup of happiness. If you\'re a coffee snob, our house blend is ground for us by Lincoln and York and can be made in any drink from a latte to a macchiato to drink in or take away.


If you have a talent and a passion for cooking, and a desire to serve delicious food to guests, then becoming a chef is the career for you. Being a chef is role that is something truly unique and special. It is a role of craft and art, in a high paced environment, that can deliver a high level of role satisfaction.


This is a career for artistic, competent, intelligent problem-solvers who have calculated a path that can lead from cook to chef, and maybe even entrepreneur. This is a career that others who chose a different path look to as a dream that is interesting and exciting.

The role is a journey with endless outcome, and you take your career as far as you want to go, as quickly as you want. So why become a chef? Below are 8 reasons why a career as a chef is a fantastic choice.


THE TANGIBLE JOY OF CREATING - That perfect plate: a well-conceived dish that marries complimentary flavours and takes full advantage of the unique textures of individual ingredients as they blend to create something that satisfies and memorialises the cook’s craft is a thing of beauty. Each plate that leaves the kitchen is a signature of the person that built it.

RELISHING IN AN ACQUIRED SKILL - Human beings have an innate desire to be accomplished at something. To be a great story teller, a methodical technician, a knowledgeable caretaker of the how and why, and a problem solver who can adjust to curve balls. This is what a chef is able to be when skills are finely tuned.


THE GRATIFICATION THAT COMES FROM HARD WORK - Our hands were designed to work hard, the brain was designed to push a person’s intellect and recall, and the legs and feet were meant to fell sore, that good sore from knowing that much was accomplished today. Hard work is incredibly gratifying.


PRIDE IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIFORM - We all want to be part of something that is bigger than we are. Wearing the chef’s uniform makes a chef part of the history of the profession, a history that is honourable, noble and now well respected. Wearing the uniform allows us to be part of a club of professionals who made the work of the kitchen a part of who they are.


BEING A PART OF A TEAM - Satisfaction is the knowledge that your work and success in the kitchen are dependant on how well others around you perform. Being part of a group of people who share a common goal, who have dedicated the time to build an incredible set of skills, who are proud of what they do and will strive to make the whole team successful is an honour.


DIVERSITY PERSONIFIED - Although it may not have always been the case, over the years the kitchen has grown to become an environment that cares little about age, gender, size, ethnicity, race or lifestyle preferences. The kitchen team has become a true melting pot of backgrounds and belief, and this diversity flows through the food that is crafted.


SMELLS, SIGHTS, SOUNDS, TASTES - What greeting could be better than the smells of a stock simmering, onions being caramelised or bread being pulled out of the oven? What could be more majestic that watching a line chef during a busy service take the time to paint a work of art on a plate? This is what chefs are privileged to work with every day


FOOD AS A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE - Finally, when a chef stops to contemplate their role in society, it is important to note that a wonderful plate of food is a great equalizer. Regardless of the difference that people might have politically, economically or culturally, a great tasting dish can bring a smile to the face of anyone, and this is our gift to the world.



We have established some of the very best designed bedrooms in the country, and in your role as a housekeeper, you can get a lot of satisfaction from presenting them at their very best ready for the next guest that stays there.

We have a commitment to delivering premium experiences to all of our guests, and our housekeeping team maintain this commitment through the work they do, tirelessly striving to deliver the very best standards in the industry.

If this sounds like the type of role that suits you, we would welcome your application for any of our Inns.



Being a leader is different to being a manager, and the key to true success is to be able to manage a business, and 
more importantly be able to lead your team.

The basis of being a leader comes from three basic principles:

● Lead by example - In order for people to buy into your vision, you need to walk the talk

● Lead from the bottom - the role of a leader is to guide people, not command them

● Lead with humility - your people are essential to your business success, you should be an inclusive leader that

leads from the heart

You are joining us at a very exciting time in our journey, and you have the opportunity to be part of something truly special.

Being a leader in the Coaching Inn Group is challenging yet rewarding, offering something different every day. We don’t believe in micro managing so you will have freedom to express your creativity, driving your business forward, whilst knowing that you have all the support needed to achieve your business goals.

Whether you are an experience manager or just starting your management journey, we have roles an opportunities for everyone, and award winning development programmes that can support your career progression and can match your ambition. Get in touch today if you want to work for a progressive, aspiring, people centred company that believes in Unlocking Potential for everyone,.



A role as a receptionist at the Coaching Inn Group is varied and eventful. Our receptionists are the central communication hub for the whole hotel and are generally the first point of contact for most of our guests

Through telephone, email and face to face interaction, receptionists handle all manner of guest enquiries, as well as using the majority of our company systems from our bedroom reservation software to gift voucher solutions and cash management system.

We are looking for passionate people that love working in this industry and take pride in what they do. If you are energetic, friendly and organised, a role as a receptionist could be ideal for you.

You will welcome hotel guests when they check in, and quite often follow their journey whilst they stay with us, eventually being the friendly face that bids them a fond farewell. Receptionists are a central point to the whole of the hotel, so you will forge an intrinsic link with all departments, ensuring that there is never a dull day at work.


Reservation Office

We have established a central reservations office based in Boston, Lincolnshire to support each of our Coaching Inns and provide additional support to our reception teams. By being the first point of contact for incoming calls from guests, you are able to establish an immediate rapport with guests, giving them an experience of what to expect when they come to visit us.

Central Office

Our central office provides a valuable support function for all of our Coaching Inns, ranging from accounts, to HR, to procurement and Operational support, the specialisms provided by each of our central support team enable each hotel to perform at its very best.

We have roles spread nationwide, with our head office based in Lincolnshire, many of our central office team are field based, providing front line support right where the action is.

We are an aspiring passionate company and are always looking for like-minded people to help us deliver our vision of unlocking potential in all of our people, properties, and businesses.

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If your desired role is not listed, please send in your CV as we are always looking for talented people to join our ever growing business.